We understand firsthand that being a part of Alcoholics Anonymous means that we're actively involved. From attending meetings to serving one another, taking action is an essential part of our well-being process. As members of A.A., attending local and statewide events is another way we can continue to grow and to practice these principles. These events, whether big or small, provide companionship and inspiration for all of us to come together to celebrate recovery.

A.A. Related Announcements

Safety Card for A.A. Groups

The General Service Office has made this optional card available as an A.A. service piece for in-person/online groups that wish to use it. Please feel free to utilize, choose a section(s), or adapt the text to your group's needs. To view our card, please select the 'Download' button.


Traditions, Concepts, & Service Manual Study

Beginning June 6, join us every Monday at 8 PM as we begin our 13-week in-depth workshop on the 12 Traditions, the 12 Concepts, and the A.A. Service Manual. This event is a Zoom meeting, and to find out the id and the password, please select the Download button below.


Freedom at Last Pizza Party — Aug. 4

Join us on Thursday, Aug. 4, starting at 6:30 p.m. for the Freedom at Last Pizza Party. This pizza and beverage event will be at Robinson Chapel, and we kindly ask that participants please bring a dish for everyone to share. There will be a speaker meeting featuring Karla D., starting at 7:30 p.m.


Bingo at Club Oaasis — Aug. 13

Come out on Saturday, August 13, at 6 p.m., and doors open for Bingo night at Club Oaasis. At 7 p.m., Bingo starts. The cost for ten games is $10, $0.50 per additional card per game. We ask that you please bring a dish for everyone to share. Looking for a night of food, fellowship, and fun — great! We'll see you there.


Unity Day — Aug. 20

Save the date for Saturday, August 20, for the second annual Unity Day, held at Foster Park. The event's location is at Foster Park Pavilion 1, 3900 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne, and is presented by Districts 59, 61, 63, 67, and 69 of Area 22 of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!


2022 Penn/Ohio Family Fun Day — Aug. 20

Rain or shine, join us at the Picnic Grove: West Lake at Waldameer Park & Water World in Erie, PA., on August 20. Speaker meetings are at 3, 5, and 7 p.m. Tickets include Water World, which opens at 1 p.m. (swimwear required). Free parking and admission to the General Park area. To learn more about this event, please select Download for further details.


2022 Fall Festival — Oct. 16

On Sunday, October 16, at Franke Park Pavilion 1, is the 2022 Fall Festival. The doors will open at noon, food and fellowship will follow around 1 p.m., and the speaker is scheduled at 2 p.m. Be sure to bring the family, and admission is free, although donations are welcomed. For more information, please click on the Download button.


INCYPAA — Oct. 21 - 23

In early November, join us for the Indiana Conference of Young People 2022, held in Indianapolis. Pre-register is $10 for all three days. For more information, please go to Incypaa.org.


AA 2022 Tri-State Convention — Nov. 4 - 6

Sobriety Rocks, join us for this three-day event held in Santa Claus, Indiana. Registration is $35 by October 10 ($40 after). Speakers, open mic night, ice cream social, and more. Please click the Download button for directions and lodging information.


New Women's Meeting — Tuesdays at 7 PM

Join us at 7 PM for the Step into Hope women's group on Tuesdays. This meeting is at the La Fontaine UMC Church in La Fontaine, Indiana.


Women's Day by Day Meeting — Thursdays at 10:30 AM

Ladies, are you looking for a Thursday morning discussion meeting? Then please join us at the Unitarian Universalist Church, held at 5310 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne. This gathering begins at 10:30 AM and is a Closed meeting. If you think you might have a problem with alcohol, please attend.


Grapevine Podcast

The AA Grapevine now offers a weekly podcast with Don and Sam, in which they will interview a different member about their experience, strength, and hope in each episode. To hear more about these podcasts, click here, to learn more,


Huntertown Al-Anon Group — Saturdays 10 AM

Join us on Saturdays at 10 AM. For the Huntertown Al-Anon group. The meeting’s location is 10621 Old Lima Road, in Huntertown, Indiana.


COVID-19 and our 7th tradition

Read this PDF to learn more how the entire AA fellowship is coming together to provide ongoing support through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service Work Opportunities

As members of A.A., one of our foundational principles is to help other alcoholics — conducting Twelfth Step work. Bill W. says it best: “Our Twelfth Step — carrying the message — is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence. Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a society of alcoholics in action. We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven’t been given the truth may die.” From A.A.’s Legacy of Service by Bill W. Below are some service work announcements.

Need to reach us?

Need a token for your sponsee, or maybe you need some additional information for your club? If so, please contact our A.A. offices.