August 2023

Welcome to the August edition of Rocking Sobriety! We are thrilled to present a collection of inspiring articles on AA and Al-Anon, along with a special AA Speaker event on YouTube by Richard H. Also, don’t forget to check out the wrap-up of “The 7th Tradition Myths.” Keep yourself informed with our Announcements page and consider contributing to future editions. Stay safe and sober, and looking forward to seeing you next time!

March 2023

Winter is starting to break, and we have made it to March. This latest edition of Rocking Sobriety reminds everyone that tickets are still available at the 2023 AA Convention held at the Grand Wayne Center from May 12 through 14. Also, in this issue, we have a local AA Speaker led by Amy M. to hear her journey on YouTube, the 7th Tradition Myths. We are returning with our “Heard in a Meeting,” a compilation of sayings and conversations from AA members.

October 2022

Welcome to our Fall edition. We have a ton of great information with an article on Acceptance written by John R., we have a YouTube Speaker share presented by Angela B. Also, we have our second installment with our 7th Tradition Myths series and an update on Community Corrections, put together by Tom C. On the lighter side, we have comics and some excerpts from our Heard in a Meeting series.

July 2022

Wow, it’s July already, and we’re so happy that you have taken a few minutes out of your day to read our latest edition of Rocking Sobriety. So, it’s been a few months since our last edition. For this issue, our primary goal was to reach out to the local A.A. community in the Fort Wayne area and ask fellow members to share their stories, strength, and hope to help all of us stay sober. In this issue, we have many great articles from local members, a YouTube share, a five-part series on the 7th Tradition Myths, and a few comics.

March 2022

Welcome to our March edition of Rocking Sobriety. As always, thank you for joining us to check out the latest happenings and information going in A.A. In this newsletter, we will take an in-depth look at Group Inventory Meeting Sheets to evaluate how well groups are fulfilling their primary purpose: to help alcoholics recover through A.A.’s suggested Twelve Steps of recovery. We will cover our latest video series, “Precisely How We Have Recovered Part 3 (Steps 6,7, 8, & 9)”, and additional information for all of us to enjoy.

February 2022

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to join us in ‘Rocking Sobriety.’ We have many great articles and information to share for everyone to learn, grow, and help all of us continue to stay sober through these cold months. In this edition, we will be taking a deep dive into what does Intergroup do? Next, we have a series of resources that focus on Al-Anon finding support. We will cover our latest video series, “Precisely How We Have Recovered Part 2 (Steps 4 & 5)”, and additional information for all of us to enjoy.

January 2022

Welcome to the New Year’s January edition. We will discuss Bridging the Gap’s vital role in assisting the newcomer into the AA program. Next, we have a few videos to share with you, “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous,” and you can see our first of a four-part series titled “Precisely How We Have Recovered,” focusing on the twelve steps. Also, we will be highlighting inspirational quotes from our “hashtag heard in a meeting” section, and yes, always we have some funnies and more.

December 2021

Welcome to our first edition of Rocking Sobriety, a.k.a the AA Newsletter — we are so glad that you have taken time out of your busy day to be here with us. In this edition, we’ll cover topics on AA’s new preamble, what you have heard in a meeting, we have some comics, and finally, we talk about the case for consolidating groups. We hope you enjoy this quick read and please let us know about other topics we can cover in future publications.