Here’s a list of valuable resources that have helped alcoholics achieve sobriety while continuing to assist new and current members to understand our principles behind this life-changing program. Now at your fingertips, you have access to these resources such as The Big Book, the AA GrapeVine, the AA Service Manual, the Group Manual, the Fort Wayne Intergroup Guidelines, and more.

The Big Book

First published in 1939, and subtitled “The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism.” The Big Book is one of the best-selling books of all time, 30 million copies sold. It originated the “twelve-step program” used by alcoholics in the A.A. program.


A.A. GrapeVine

The A.A. Grapevine is the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. This publication communicates the experience, strength, and hope of its contributors and reflects a broad geographic spectrum of current A.A. experience with recovery, unity, and service.


Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections is a collection of inspirational messages that focus on living sober through the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. members write these daily reflections and meditations for A.A. members.


The A.A. Service Manual

The A.A. Service Manual aims to help the A.A. member, especially the new member, understand the need for service in A.A., where it begins, and where it can lead. It explains the functions of the various bodies and how we need members, known as trusted servants, to carry out these functions.


A.A. Group Manual

This pamphlet is designed as a handy information tool and suggested guide for an A.A. group. It serves as a complement to The A.A. Service Manual, the A.A. Group Handbook, and other literature (see inside back cover), which cover specific group matters at greater depth.


Fort Wayne Intergroup Guidelines

This handbook’s goal is to help you better understand how the Intergroup committee (hereon called Intergroup) works, its place in the A.A. structure and what it does to give service to Fort Wayne. Please note, the Intergroup falls outside of A.A.’s General Service structure and is a separate, not-for-profit corporation put together and funded solely by local A.A. groups.



Welcome to the Amethyst

The Amethyst is published every two months for members of the A.A. community in the Fort Wayne area. The Amethyst supported by contributions from the Fort Wayne Area Intergroup. The purpose of the newsletter is to share information and experience in recovery, unity, and service within the Fort Wayne area. The articles published in The Amethyst are not statements of A.A. policy, nor does the publication of any article imply endorsement by either Fort Wayne Area Intergroup, Inc. or A.A. as a whole.

Submissions: The Amethyst welcomes feature articles, supporting articles, group histories, anniversaries, jokes, cartoons, and upcoming events as long as they relate to A.A. experience and reflect an awareness of A.A.’s singleness of purpose. Submissions are reviewed by the newsletter committee and recommended to the editor for publication. Send submissions to:

The Amethyst 112

Fort Wayne Area Intergroup

2118 Inwood Drive Suite

Fort Wayne IN 46815